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Would you like to easily change the look of that guitar model you currently have from its current finish into say, a Flamed Maple Top in the color of your dreams? Or maybe something a little more insane? Imagine for a second that you had not a care or concern in the world and you knew you could change the look of your guitar very quickly without any issues - Would you do it?

From what we've learned, over 55% of people we've spoken to would like to change the look of their guitar but the majority choose not to do it for fear of: A. messing up applying the skin; and B. not knowing how to put the guitar back together once the skin has been applied. INZANE SKINS understands your concerns! That's why we will be dedicating this tutorial section into a very indepth resource for skinning and finishing your guitar to perfection.

On top of that, with every purchase, you will receive a FREE electronic version of Paint Your Own Guitar's 'HOW TO CREATE A FACTORY GUITAR FINISH'. This definitive book covers absolutely everything you need to know to not only finish your guitar but to also disassemble, then reassemble your guitar.


Video Tutorials

  • Trimming Your Guitar Skin
    Method #1

  • Trimming Your Guitar Skin
    Method #2

  • Trimming Your Guitar Skin
    Method #3

  • Introduction To
    Guitar Skins

  • Prepping Your Guitar
    For Skinning

  • Using Tracing Paper
    To Help Position

  • Marking Your Center

  • Applying Knifeless Tape

  • Using Knifeless Tape

  • Applying Your Guitar Skin

  • Trimming Your Guitar Skin Using Knifeless Tape