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  • How fast will my skin arrive once I place my order?

  • I'm trying to login to my account, but it says - email or password are incorrect?

  • Why are the skins not cut to specific body shapes?

  • Do your skins work on LEFTY guitars?

  • Are your skins suitable for basses?

  • What does it cost for a custom skin design?

  • Can a skin be applied over bare wood?

  • If I want to remove the skin later on, will that wreck the finish underneath it?

  • I would like to order your skin. Are you able to provide a color ID # so I can color match for the base coat?

  • I have a design I created that I want you to make into a skin for me. What will it cost?

  • Can clear coat be put over the skins?

  • Do I have to clear coat over the skins?

  • Are you open to ideas for a skin or skin series?

  • Can I get a logo on the headstock piece?

  • Can you create a custom logo for me for my headstock piece with a name I'd like?

  • Where did you get the flamed maple pattern? Is it a photograph?

  • If I buy a top and bottom skin, are they the same or different?

  • I love your designs but I'm afraid I won't be able to do this myself. Can you do it for me?

  • Your two-piece skins are crazy cool. What shapes are available and which ones will be available in the not-too-distant future?