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I'm a life-long guitarist and from a very young age, I've always been fascinated with great guitar graphics as well as great guitar finishes. At the age of 19 (circa 1983), I built my FIRST of many guitars and attempted to paint it with disastrous results. But, being that I'm no quitter, I built a second, third, fourth, and fifth guitar, and each time I attempted to paint/finish the guitar, I got progressively better but was still far off the mark. It took five years of trial and error and many ruined finishes before I eventually learned the techniques needed to create a great finish - even when you've got airbrushed graphics or layers of different color under the clear.

Zoom ahead many years and in 2004, I released a book called, HOW TO Create A Factory Guitar Finish With Just A Couple Of Spray Cans! (I know - LONG TITLE!) The book was based on all of the finishing techniques I had developed through my early years of trial and error, and the book taught how a few popular designs were done (Zakk Wylde's Bullseye and EVH's original Black & White striped strat). The book was an instant hit, and I had request after request to show how other graphics were done, along with other techniques. I eventually went on to write a column for GUITAR WORLD magazine entitled, Finishing School.

With the book series riding high and lots of requests for more complex designs rolling in, I decided that the easiest way for people to get some of these designs they were eager for onto their guitars was by using a skin - or decal - or wrap - rather than painting it. For some complex designs, someone would need really decent art skills to pull it off, so I decided to put my art skills to work, and so, in 2007, INZANE SKINS was born.

And, like many things I do, there is a personal connection at play. The name INZANE is based off of my youngest son's name - ZANE. So! there you have it! INZANE SKINS is 10 years old, and we are just getting started! I have so many amazing things coming out soon, so stay tuned for more!

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